Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Another Business-Empire Now In Public Domain!

Discuss the same customized marketing model to build another business empire, but this time in the public domain!

Proper budgeting should be taken into account before starting the business to meet the development and operational cost and it should be targeted in the public domain with the aim of spreading the benefits to the community of contributors/supporters/small investors!

Contributors/supporters, such as small investors, should be treated as co-founders of the brand/business-empire and should always be remembered as “Great Contributors” in the books of accounts!

project impact another business empire Benefits may be distributed among the general public rather than previously concentrated towards a privileged few.

Some steps may help:

  • Make sure the project is being launched in the public domain without any obvious risks, it will benefit the contributors/supporters in two ways: 1- Acknowledge their heroics and spirit of community building, 2- Make their contribution count will lead to a brand/business-empire growth and more ongoing long term benefits such as; Offer of employment, vesting in stock, etc.

  • Make sure the business management chosen is multicultural and includes experienced marketers with substantial experience in managing marketing projects. Being based on a successful model, it will achieve high acceptance and success while ensuring value to the public in general and in particular Contributor/Supporter/Investor Community,

  • Make sure company registration And IR The requirements to legally/smoothly manage the affairs of the brand/business-empire must be met and a qualified BOD to deliberate on business and contributions as per business objectives!

Risks and Challenges

project like all other businesses another business empire There is no exception from risks and extraordinary situations. The proposed project may fail to achieve the desired contribution/investment target or may fail after achieving the desired contribution/investment target which may put the brand/business advantage at risk.

In any case the company should have other options to maintain and access other sources of funds for managing its business operations. The designated BOD will take appropriate decisions with the best contingency plan to maintain the brand/business and remain profitable.

product line

Projects e-commerce Product category to be focused on Home & Garden or any place of public benefit. Some partner stores should be operational to serve the small investors at the earliest.

Other Ways That May Help

Although the proposed project another business empire is for public benefit, not all can possibly contribute/invest. But you will ask the community to support you by sharing with friends and using social media posts related to small investment opportunities.

I guess you contribution/support Will attract small investors/stock investors from around the world to help establish another business empire!

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