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Becoming a Child Custody Lawyer

This professional is a family attorney who specializes in child custody matters, helping to protect the rights of children. To become a child custody lawyer, you will have to follow the same path as any other lawyer, but specialize in child custody matters. In most states, you’ll need an undergraduate degree, such as a bachelor’s degree, before attending law school. While getting your law degree, your bachelor’s degree does not have to be in a law-related subject. There are some existing pre-law specializations if you have already chosen your career path. For example, you can major in social work, philosophy or psychology while you specialize in custody law. Any of these majors will help give you a unique education that will help move you further down your path to becoming a child custody attorney.

Make sure you maintain a high GPA while getting your bachelor’s degree as this can help you get into this type of school. On the road to becoming a child custody attorney, applying to such a school is often stressful and rigorous but is a necessary step in becoming an attorney. When completing all required application forms, take your time to ensure that you are doing them correctly. If someone has deadlines to meet, try to meet them earlier so that they can be there on time. During the application process for law school, you will need letters of recommendation, so try to get professionals you know or former teachers to write letters of recommendation for you.

Getting into law school requires most applicants to submit standardized test scores that focus on common law. One such test is the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This is a very difficult test to pass, but it is necessary to get into law school. Before taking the test, experts recommend that you study for the test for at least six to twelve months in order to pass, get a good grade, and potentially gain admission to law school. When attending law school, you should tailor any elective courses so that they relate to family law topics. You should seek an assistantship or internship with a family law firm while in law school and throughout your undergraduate schooling. This additional training can provide you with a wealth of information. It can also help you establish a professional contact network. Once you complete law school, you must sit and pass the bar exam for your state or the state where you will practice as a child custody attorney.

Although you’ll be specializing in child custody matters, you’ll start out as a family lawyer. It can take years to specialize and become an established child custody attorney.

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