Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Finding a Divorce Lawyer – Fighter Or Mediator

If you and your spouse are separating, perhaps the smartest thing you can do is to hire a divorce attorney. It is true that more and more people are actually representing themselves in divorce courts in order to conserve money. However, this only applies if you and your soon-to-be ex are separating on good terms without any legal entanglements. But we all know that many times this is not the case at all. Although hiring a divorce attorney can be costly, hiring a pro can save you a lot of headache in the end.

But what kind of divorce lawyer should you get? No, the answer is not “least expensive”. You see, some people become dissatisfied with their legal representatives because their chosen lawyers are acting too aggressive or too compromising for their liking.

In this case you have two options: you can choose to be a fighter or an arbiter. A combative divorce lawyer will go for blood, figuratively speaking of course. This is the type of divorce lawyer that is shown in TV shows and movies. Some can even be quite abrasive and relentless. When it comes to settlement, most choose an all-or-nothing approach. However, when you hire a combat attorney, it is almost guaranteed that you will increase your time in the divorce courts, and this will require a considerable amount of money.

A mediator on the other hand will try to handle the situation as quietly as possible with as little friction as possible. Incredibly, not all divorcing couples want drama during this time. A mediation lawyer will try to do more conciliation.

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