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The Hottest Penny Stocks – Part 1 – Past Penny Stock Fortunes

Where to find penny stock winners

This article lists some of the most popular penny stocks of all time. In the end, you will know what these stocks have in common and it will tell you how to find other stocks like them.

First, a disclaimer – past performance is no guarantee of future results. It would have been very difficult and perhaps impossible to buy these stocks at their lows and sell them at their highs, but their profit potential is enormous. These stocks are very risky and volatile.

However, this list will give you an idea of ​​what is possible, if you know where to look and what to look for. You can start imagining how such benefits will help you achieve your investment dreams.

the hottest of the hot

I am a former OTC Market Maker, Security Analyst and Investment Banker. Perhaps you, like me, started losing money in the first few years. So in addition to trading hundreds of stocks I read everything I could find, and after years of struggle and 80 hour weeks I developed the Risk – High Return principles.

However, in 40 years of investing in the stocks I studied this year, I’ve never seen anything like it — the potential profit, like the risk, is truly unprecedented, as you’ll soon find out. It may surprise you to learn that such huge profits are out there – but how to find these stocks?

Stock 1 – This stock had a low of $0.001, but five weeks later it was selling for $1.25, a gain of 1,000% in just five weeks.

Stock 2 – This stock sold for $1.10 and rose 300% to $4.07 five short weeks later.

Stock 3 – Here’s another stock that went from low to high in just five weeks, from a $0.25 low to a $1.25 high, or an appreciation of 500%.

Stock 4 — Low Price: $0.09, High Price: $0.72, Time: Five Months, Appreciation: 800%.

Stock 5 — From $1.72 to $270 — That’s right, from less than $2 to $270 in just two months! Appreciation Percentage 15,000%

Stock 6 — From a low of $0.001 to a high of $1.25, five weeks, up 1,000%.

Stock 7 — Sold at a nickel low of $0.05, then traded to a two-month high of $6.21, a 15,000% gain.

Stock 8 — Low: $0.37, High: $10.10, Appreciation: 2,500% in six weeks.

Now for something really different:

Stock 9 — The winner of all the stocks studied. Hold on to your socks, the low: $0.0001 (they don’t get any cheaper) all the way up to the high of $4.25, but it took a long time — three whole months. (Who has that kind of long term patience?) The price change from low to high was (I can’t imagine the words) 4,250,000%

Now this doesn’t mean that you could buy $1,000 worth of this stock and sell it months later for over $4,000,000 – for one thing the volume was too low to support such a sale. For another, these stocks are very volatile and you will find it very difficult to know when a stock has peaked. However, there must be a profit in there somewhere, don’t you think?

Stock 10 — Low Price: $0.20, High Price: $24.00, Time: Eight Months, Appreciation: 10,000%.

Stock 11 — Low of $0.06, took nine weeks to top of $30.00, appreciation percentage 48,000%.

Stock 12 — Low Price: $0.08, High Price: $5.00, Time: Two Weeks, Appreciation: 6,000%.

These are just a few of the many, many stocks I’ve studied this year. Naturally now you want to know what they have in common. The answer is simple. All those reverse mergers are penny stocks. It was a reverse merger that made these stocks skyrocket. When I opened a trading account to test my theories on these stocks, my real cash trading profit using these methods was 400% profit in two months. I believe that reverse merger stocks, while very risky, offer enormous potential for profit.

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