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Top Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hempstead

you need someone by your side

Whether you have been accused of a crime of which you are guilty or you believe you have been the victim of overzealous police or misunderstood encounters with others, it is important to understand how best to handle a criminal defense. Is. This is definitely something you do not want to address on your own without the assistance of an attorney. Go to court in Hampstead with someone by your side who has your best interests at heart and who can fight for you so that you have the most positive outcome possible.

a mindset change

While many people who have been charged with a crime will turn to a public defender to give them the advice and representation they need, many times these lawyers are coming to your case with your crime in mind. Often you will not find a public defender arguing a case of innocence or acquittal; instead, these attorneys are often simply asking for a plea agreement to serve a lesser sentence for the charges you face. It will do you no good when you know that you are not guilty of what you have been accused of or that the allegations are of a very serious nature.

justice trust

In order to mount a criminal defense before it’s fair, gives you a voice, and can result in the outcome you’re looking for, you need a lawyer who first sees you as innocent. Very often, your guilt is determined before you even go to court because the attorney representing you does not believe in the blind of justice or the belief that a person is innocent until proven guilty. At Monteleone & Siegel PLLC, you will enjoy a different approach to your defense. This team will be standing by your side at Hampstead Court to give you a fighting chance.

build your defense

It’s important to have your side of the story when you’re accused of a crime. Even if your side shows that you are indeed guilty, there may be a more lenient sentence than not being able to share your story in court, understanding your mindset and the motives you presented. Is. When you hire the right attorney to represent you, you will have the advantage of having your voice heard in court when it comes time to stand before a judge and present your case for consideration.

an equal opportunity

When you are before a judge, all you can say is that you have an equal opportunity to be heard, understood and represented. This means having a criminal defense attorney who also believes in your innocence. Let the team at Monteleone & Siegel PLLC present your case and show that you are not guilty of the crimes you have been charged with. This team will stand by your side in the Hempstead courtroom and fight to bring you the most positive outcome. Don’t count on your luck to be the savior of the public, let a team that believes in you stand up for you in the court.

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