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Ghana Bank – One of Africa’s Most Prestigious Full Service Banks

Doing business on the African continent is fraught with challenges, with countries such as Ghana making major strides in the commercial bank sector in recent years designed to attract more businesses. Bringing in more businesses is designed to bring the kind of prosperity that will lift the local population out of poverty and help lead the country to the modern world in both manufacturing and finance.

About Ghana International Bank

The first commercial bank in Ghana was established in 1959, two years after the country gained independence from British rule. Their headquarters were established in London which allowed them to become an international banking facility. Ghana International Bank was formed in 1998 with the purchase of a controlling interest in the original commercial bank. This new bank is now believed to be the largest bank on the African continent that is wholly owned by an indigenous company.

More than that though GHIB has become a personal bank as it is a commercial bank; Currently thousands of people in many countries in Africa and around the world are using this bank as their primary banking facility. For those who do business across borders in Africa, the ability to find the nearest branch of this Ghanaian bank is one of the keys to being able to conduct business smoothly.

What services do they provide?

Far from being just a commercial bank, Ghana International Bank is a very modern full service bank that caters to every level of banking. If you are interested in using this bank as a private bank in Ghana, you will find that you can open a checking account in GBP £ or USD $. They offer you a GHIB Debit Card backed by Mastercard that is accepted worldwide and can be used to make purchases both on and offline. Savings account and loan for students are available just like any other world bank.

Businesses can also make great use of GHIB as a commercial bank such as it’s first branch opened since 1959. Services such as commercial bank accounts that are acceptable worldwide and the ability to make international money transfers between businesses and other banks are offered. You can use your established business account in Ghana to meet all your internet business needs including the ability to receive payments from your customers and pay all your bills online.

If you are looking for a traditional bank to do business in Africa or around the world, Ghana International Bank headquartered in Cheapside, London offers a full range of services. They also have a trained staff to take care of your every need.

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