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Few Facts About South Africa’s Largest Non-Bank Mortgage Lender

SA Home Loans was launched in South Africa in February 1999 and has grown to be the specialist mortgage provider it is today. They offer affordable rates and flexible mortgage options to South African applicants. It is famous for its affordable and competitive interest rates and reasonable service charges. When they started they offered interest rates of 19.6% which was very low compared to established banks at that time. They were the first mortgage provider to offer rates under 10% in over 22 years. They won the Daily News Readers’ Choice Award for Best Mortgage Lender in the years 2004 and 2005.


  • Flexible and easy repayment options
  • Provides home owner cover and bond protection cover
  • Safe and Secure Banking Service
  • Customer friendly customer service helpdesk

They offer a wide range of options.

  • variables
  • super-low
  • interest only
  • Varifix
  • quick cash
  • forward loan
  • rapid re-advance
  • advance again advance

Now they have 22 branches across the country and its head office is in Durban. They apply a non-banking approach by connecting the customer directly to the money market and channeling the savings to them. It is also called securitization, and is a widely accepted means of financing.

With their bond protection plan, you and your family are protected against the possibility of re-possession in case of any unforeseen circumstances like disability or death. You can cap your interest rate against rising interest rates. You can also borrow money against the increased value of your property i.e. you can borrow against loan. You can easily get Rs.75,000 in cash within 72 hours. With their Varifix, you can decide the interest rate on your home loan and choose the portion of your home loan to be fixed.

There are many innovative packages offered by them. It’s worth a try as they are South Africa’s largest non-bank mortgage lender.

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