Friday, June 2, 2023

More Money in the Bank

Many people believe that the more money you get, the more work you have to do or keep doing. It is true that you cannot get money without hard work and these days we are finding that working smart rather than working hard is the only recipe to get more money in the bank. The question is very simple, are you working harder or smarter? The answer to that question may determine your level of money in the bank.

what is money

In this article, no attempt has been made to give any scientific definition of wealth, rather an attempt has been made to give the social/economic definition of wealth as far as possible. Having clearly stated what money is not, it is a good thing to know what money is.

Money is not evil, the Bible is not quoted as saying, “that money is the root of all evil” but it says that “the love of money is the root of evil” This is a very important and vital point otherwise, The zeal and enthusiasm for more money will end in you. In fact money is neither good nor bad, it is neutral.

Money does not equal success: Many people think that money equals success but this is far from the truth. There are many rich people who generally fail in life, because many people have inherited their wealth, and are destroyed by the abundance of more money, which they never worked for. People have a lot of misconceptions about money and it is affecting the way people earn money.

Money is nothing but a medium of exchange for goods and services. The exchange of goods and services becomes necessary because none of us can have everything we need on our own. You can’t grow your own crops, make your own clothes, sew them, then run around taking care of your kids at school, and so on. People used to do what we call trade by barter before the advent of money. You bring your goods and/or services in exchange for mine, and vice versa. Money is the thing which helps people to get goods or services of others without any tension, and if you have money, you can go anywhere, buy anything and life is easy with money. It happens.

get more money

Now, the point is how do you get more money into your bank account? The best way is to create multiple streams of income. If you have a regular job, it is a good idea to work hard on it as well as get the means to make extra cash through legal and legitimate ways. You can start from home during your spare time, and there are many things you can do to make good money. The truth is nothing is free, a good business takes time, smart work and monetary investment. Don’t be fooled by people who promise you riches with a one time investment of $200, and from then on you will not work and the money will keep coming in, this is a lie, such a “get rich doing nothing” Don’t buy into the “no work syndrome”. The truth is there are many online businesses that can make quick bucks, but it’s not without hard work and smart work.

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